Braces 101

Got crooked teeth? – here at we believe this issue is best looked at and usually best treated as early as possible. Perhaps if your 4 year old is treated NOW he or she might be able to avoid braces altogether!
You might be surprised at what a difference straighter teeth or improved jaw function has on your life. You may find that such improvements make you happier with your smile, increase your confidence levels and make you feel great. Not to mention the many health benefits which may be achieved when the jaws are properly aligned and the teeth are in their correct positions. The moment when a patient gets their braces off can be a moment they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

So where does a patient start to go about getting the proper Orthodontics treatment?
There are many many different ways of moving teeth to straighten them. One of the most common ways is to use Orthodontic Braces. The term “braces” is generally used to describe the metal (or porcelain) brackets that are attached to the teeth, upon which a wire is placed. Other ways include Invisible Braces using clear braces or Invisalign; and lingual braces where the braces are placed out of sight behind the teeth.

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages…
Your dentist or orthodontist can discuss which options are available for your particular case, as there are limitations to some of the methods. For example, unless there is only a small amount of tooth movement required, clear braces can be a poor choice due to their cost and extended length of time required to achieve the desired movements.

Some cases can be very simple, perhaps to correct a minor overbite, whereas other cases may require more complex types of appliances.

Dental Braces FAQ

Some of the most common questions asked before starting the dental braces process are:
dental braces questions and answersWhat is the cost of braces and how much time with braces is required? This can vary considerably. In some cases 6 months is all that is required and so the treatment is very fast and costs less. In other cases, the treatment can be more expensive and time consuming. Click here for more on cost of braces
Is there an alternative to braces can I have straight teeth without orthodontics? The only way to give the appearance of straight teeth without moving the teeth or jaws, is to camouflage them using veneers. However, this is not ideal as this is destructive to the teeth and only masks the existing problem.

When is a good time for me to get Veneers vs Teeth Braces? Getting veneers and other types of similar dental treatments are best used when the teeth are chipped or discoloured. This can sometimes be done after having orthodontics to improve the shape or colour of the teeth.

What about my crooked teeth, can’t you just do the same treatments you used on my brother? It’s important to remember that everybody’s case is different… Some people will only require tooth movement. However, in the vast majority of cases, the problem isn’t simply crooked teeth. Usually, there is a skeletal problem where the jaws are in the wrong position or are the wrong size.