Braces Cost

The cost of Braces for your orthodontic treatment can vary considerably depending on the complexity of your case. Dental cost will also vary depending on what part of Australia you are in. Typically, metropolitan areas such as inner Sydney, might be more expensive than other areas, mostly due to the higher costs of running a business in these areas.

When can the “Dental Braces” treatment process start?
Cases can be treated from age 2 onwards. Most of a child’s jaw growth happens before age 8, so it can be important to pick up growth related problems early. The best time varies according to the problem and the co-operation of the child.

The Dental Costs savings of early treatment.
Does starting the “teeth straightening” process early save time and money? Many times the answer is yes.

For example, if a growth problem is detected and treated early, the case may simply require intervention with a removable orthopaedic appliance for 6 months.

NB: A course of braces to align the teeth can still be required when all the teeth are through but this can be more simple and less expensive after having had a growth problem corrected early.

Dental Braces Cost
If the problem is growth related, but the problem isn’t treated until later in life, when we no longer have growth on our side, the treatment can take longer and require the use of several appliances followed by fixed braces. Costs usually are greater when treatment takes longer and is more complex.

If appropriate, treat early and try to keep treatment simple, and costs down

Cost of “Clear Braces”

Clear braces can be more expensive and can take a longer time to move the teeth than fixed braces. Costs for all types of treatment vary according to their complexity and the length of time taken to do treatment.

Is it expensive to get Braces on my teeth?
dental braces cost Australia
If a very severe growth problem is allowed to get to the point where even orthopaedic treatment combined with orthodontic braces cannot fully treat the problem, for example.

…..orthognathic surgery may be required to alter the size or position of the jaws. Costs can really escalate when this happens as an oral surgeon, an anaesthetist and a hospital visit will be involved. This illustrates the need to see a good dentist early on as putting it off can have very adverse risks later in life!

Long term dental cost savings, is another great reason to ensure your orthodontist or dentist practices FJO Dentistry – intervening early on in life when the problem is growth related, not only can improve treatment outcomes, but it also can make it more simple and less costly…