Braces Types

How can I get straight teeth?
Firstly, at DentalBraces we believe that in most cases, treatment is best if started as early as a problem is detected. This can be from age 2 onwards! Treatment by age 7 can give great results. FJO type treatments can however be done at any age. This site gives general information about many types of treatments so you can decide for yourself. We like to avoid traditional “train track” braces whenever possible – treating children before the adult teeth arrive if possible.

Some ways to get your teeth straight include:

Functional Jaw Orthopaedics
Myofunctional Orthodontics
Invisible Braces
Clear Braces
Orthodontic Braces
The truth about dental braces and straight teeth is that there are many different ways of moving teeth to straighten them. One of the most common ways is to use “metal wire braces.” The term “braces” is generally used to describe the metal or porcelain brackets that are attached to the teeth, upon which a wire is placed. *You can discuss risks and benefits of treatment with your practitioner. Risks can involve many things from minor discomfort, to loss of teeth in some rare cases.

So, what is the best way to straighten your teeth? There are many method like the ones listed on this site, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Your dentist or orthodontist can discuss which options are available for your particular case, as there are limitations to some of the methods. This site should help you become much better informed!

Are there different dental braces types?
Yes, in Australia dental braces come in various guises and there can be many different types, and we do cover almost everything on this site, including the pro’s and con’s of each.

These different teeth braces types can include

Metal Dental Braces
Plastic Dental Braces
Trainer Appliances
Porcelain Dental Braces
Different Elastic Colours
Different Dental Brackets and so on…

What is it like getting braces?
You might be surprised at what a difference straighter teeth or improved jaw function has on your life. You may find that such improvements make you happier with your smile, increase your confidence levels and make you feel great. Not to mention the many health benefits that may be achieved when the jaws are properly aligned and the teeth are in their correct positions. The moment when a patient gets their braces can be a moment they will cherish for the rest of their lives… For more visit our Braces 101 and Life with Braces pages…

What is F.J.O. (Functional Jaw Orthopaedics)?

Got crooked teeth? You might want to pay attentionhere: Funtional Jaw Orthopaedics (FJO) is the treatment used to ensure the jaws are the correct size and shape and in their correct positions. When this is all correct many health benefits can arise. Proper breathing, sleeping, and fewer jaw and headaches are just a few. The need for tooth extraction becomes rare and faces can become more balanced.

The treatment used to balance the jaws is sometimes called orthopaedics or we call it here, Functional Jaw Orthopaedics. This method can bring about dramatic health benefits, in addition to the cosmetic benefits that having straight teeth brings. Find out more…

What are No Braces, Braces?
There are many types of treatments without braces, the picture below is just one of them.

In recent times this has been marketed using the term “No Braces, Braces” or “Clear Braces.” In this method the initial treatment involves straightening teeth (and balancing the jaws) without fixed braces. Removable braces (appliances) are used to direct the growth of the jaws and move the teeth. In this treatment the appliance chosen will vary according to the specific problem.

Some cases can be very simple, perhaps to correct a minor overbite, whereas, other cases may require more complex types of appliances such as headgear. For more visit our Invisible Braces page and Clear Braces pages.

Common questions asked before starting your Orthodontic process:
What is the cost of dental braces and how much time with braces is required? This can vary considerably. In some cases 6 months is all that is required and so the treatment is very fast and cheap. In other cases, the cost can be more expensive and time consuming.

Sometimes, people want to know about the alternatives to braces and ask if they can have straight teeth without braces? One way to give the appearance of straight teeth without orthodontics is to camouflage them using veneers. However, this is not ideal as this is destructive to the teeth and only masks the existing problem.

When is a good time to get Veneers rather than Teeth Braces? Getting veneers and other types of similar dental treatments is best when the teeth are chipped or discoloured. This can sometimes be done after having orthodontics to improve the shape or colour of the teeth.

What about my crooked teeth? Can’t you just do the same treatments you used on my brother? Everybody’s case is different… Some people will only require tooth movement. However, in the vast majority of cases, the problem isn’t simply crooked teeth. Often, there is a skeletal problem where the jaws are in the wrong position or are the wrong size.